Water Control Structures

Crowe Valley Conservation Authority’s main activity is flood control. We operate and maintain a system of dams and weirs on the Crowe River and its tributaries. The following is a list of the dams and weirs throughout the watershed.

Wollaston LakeBelmont Lake
Oak LakePaudash Lake
Methuen LakeSteenburg Lake
Marmora DamCashel Lake
Lasswade LakeKasshabog Lake
Cordova LakeSt. Ola Lake
Allan Mills DamCrowe Bridge

Why do we need dams?

  • to control floods
  • to regulate water levels
  • to store water for drinking, industry or irrigation
  • to maintain levels for summer recreational activities
  • to store water for hydroelectric power

Water Management

Crowe Valley Conservation Authority owns and/or operates 15 water control structures along the Crowe River and its tributaries. These 15 water control structures help to regulate water levels and flows. These operations help to maintain winter and spring levels and minimize flooding in high flow periods.

Dam Callage