Low Water Response

 Current Low Water Status:




Attention Round Lake and Oak Lake Residents

The Crowe Valley Conservation Authority Low Water Response Team has issued a Low Water Level 1 on August 5, 2016.  The CVCA LWRT encourages a voluntary 10% reduction in water use across the Crowe Valley watershed.

Low Water Level 1 – 5 August 2016


The Ontario Low Water Response program was developed to ensure that the province is prepared in case of low water conditions. It is designed to assist in the coordination and support for local responses in the event of a drought.  An area or watershed is considered to be in drought if:

  • it is below normal levels of precipitation over an extended period of time
  • streamflows are at the minimum requirement to sustain aquatic life
  • low water conditions are causing socio-economic effects

When current conditions fall below the drought indicator levels, the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority’s Low Water Response team holds regular meetings to coordinate local actions to minimize the impacts of drought.

The CVCA Low Water Response Team is composed of representatives from the Ministry, Industry, Recreation and CVCA staff and board members. Voluntary conservation is the main measure that can be promoted/implemented during a low water event in our area. Municipalities can enforce by-laws to restrict non-essential water consumption.