Callaghan’s Rapids Conservation Area

Media Release – 24 August 2020 – Callaghan’s Rapids Conservation Area

Callaghan’s Rapids features two waterfalls which are about one meter in height and span approximately 40 to 60 meters across, the entire width of the Crowe River. When river flows are low enough, you can walk out and explore the river bed. The upper waterfall is forms on a wedge-shaped outcrop of limestone which appears beveled down to a sharp edge, right at the crest of the falls. The lower falls is similar, but does not exhibit the beveled-edge crest.


Callaghans Trail

Callaghans Rapids










Directions: Follow Highway #7 east from Havelock or west from Marmora. Watch for Tiffen Road, which is the second concession road west of the town of Marmora. Turn onto Tiffen Road and follow to the end at Callaghan Rapids Road. Turn left and follow to the end. This road leads to a passive conservation area, bordering the Crowe River. Park your car and walk down one of a few paths at the end of the lot to the river. You will probably need to turn right and walk downstream along the river for a few hundred meters to see the falls.