Crowe Valley Foundation

The Crowe Valley Conservation Foundation (CVCF) provides an opportunity for watershed residents and visitors to become involved in conservation and preservation of the Crowe River Watershed.

Created as a non-profit organization in 1994, the Crowe Valley Conservation Foundation accepts donations of lands, funds and assistance from individuals and groups wishing to contribute to the protection of the Crowe River Watershed and its environment.

It is the wish of the Crowe Valley Conservation Foundation that projects such as rehabilitation, preservation and environmental education be developed to enhance the area under the jurisdiction of the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority for the benefit of future generations. The generous donations to the Foundation are then forwarded to the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority.

With the community’s support for local environmental projects, the CVCF has undoubtedly demonstrated its value and potential. The Foundation has been engaged to receive land donations, purchase property, make repairs to trail infrastructure and improvements to the CVCA cottage. The CVCA is extremely grateful for this support.

However, the ongoing projects such as The Gut trail maintenance and the protection of valuable environmental properties like Callaghan’s Rapids require additional commitment.  The conservation of the Crowe River Watershed relies on the generosity of concerned residents such as you. Your donations are vital and without financial support, the environmental is simply at risk.

The CVCF needs to be more active. Help us help the environment. Please contact the CVCA for more information on how we can work together to protect our valuable natural resources.