Property Inquiry Service

  • Is my property in a regulated area?
  • What does that mean?  Can I build on it?
  • Are there any restrictions or limitations to projects?

These are just some of the questions landowners, potential purchasers and/or their representatives (developers and real estate agents) ask the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority on a daily basis when thinking about future projects or purchasing a property.  The information gathered from these questions is often valuable in decision making and future planning.

Due to the high volume of inquiries for individual properties the CVCA is introducing a Property Inquiry Form (PIF) to better assist our watershed residents.  This form can be filled out to request information about a specific property.  CVCA will provide a written response, usually through email, with preliminary pertinent information regarding our regulations and policies specific to the property in question based off our GIS mapping system.  We will also inform you if a permit may be required under O.Reg 159/06 and how to initiate that process.  This information can help when making decisions to re-build, alter shorelines or even purchase the property.

The Property Inquiry Form must be filled out in detail and signed to prevent any delays.  There is a minimal fee of $125 for this service.

If you are requesting formal comments on a property as part of conditions of a real estate purchase please contact our office directly and inquire about a Legal Clearance letter.

Please anticipate a minimum of two weeks from submission for a response.  

Property Inquiry Form

Please email your Property Inquiry Form to .