Reporting Potential Non-Compliance

In addition to compliance monitoring/inspection programs the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority does accept residents/visitors’ reports of development activities that may not have a CVCA permit.  This has been an ongoing informal practice the CVCA has adopted since the implementation of Ontario Regulation 159/06 in 2006.

If you observe development near shorelines, wetlands, or in hazardous lands and a permit is not clearly posted, or the works do not meet those described on the posted permit, the CVCA encourages the public to please contact the Authority.

The Crowe Valley Conservation Authority approaches public reporting of potential non-compliance knowing that anonymity can be very important. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act does protect any person reporting potentially non-compliant activity/development from having their names and any other personal information from being shared with anyone. Crowe Valley Conservation allows people to report anonymously, but we do encourage eye witnesses to provide their reports with names and information in case additional information is required or to follow up with if court action is pursued.

Conservation Authorities are not mandated to adopt a complaints policy since there is no requirement stipulated in the Conservation Authorities Act.  As a result, each authority may adopt a policy to suit their own needs of each Authority.

The public can report their concerns by filling out THIS FORM and emailing to , or dropping it off at the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority office at 70 Hughes Lane, Marmora, Ontario.