McGeachie Conservation Area

McGeachie Trails Update – May 12, 2023

Staff have been working hard at clearing the McGeachie trail system.  The BLUE trail is now open to the public.  However the rest of the trails will remain closed while staff continue to work to clear the trails.  If you have any questions, contact CVCA office.

McGeachie Trails Closed – Effective May 24, 2022

The McGeachie Conservation Area trail system will remain closed until further notice.  Due to the storm on May 21, 2022 there is extensive damage to the trail system.  Please do not go on the trails until they are cleared and safe for public use.  If you have any questions, contact CVCA office.


Crowe Valley Conservation Authority


McGeachie Conservation Area is located in Hastings County on beautiful Steenburg Lake, and has 500 acres of land. This land was donated by Jack and Ethel McGeachie in 1994. McGeachie Conservation Area has many walking trails throughout the property. The property has a creek, beaver ponds, wildlife and acres of wetlands. Also located on the property is the original homestead that was built nearly 150 years ago. The homestead is now rented out to the public for a vacation cottage. This unique cottage has all the conveniences of home.

If you are interested in renting the cottage click here for more information.

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Directions: From Hwy 7 and Hwy 62, follow Hwy 62 north for approximately 40 kilometers, until you reach the North Steenburg Lake Road, turn left. Approximately 2.5 kilometers down this road, just past the public beach, you’ll find the McGeachie Conservation Area on the right. Travel approximately 1 more kilometer and you’ll find the entrance to the trails, also on the right hand side.   Click here for Google Map Directions!