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water source protection

Source Water Protection is a multi-barrier approach to protect sources of drinking water from contamination or overuse. Source water is untreated water taken from lakes, rivers and underground aquifers for drinking. The Government of Ontario has made a commitment to ensure that every watershed in the province has a source protection plan. Through provincial and local partnerships a source water protection plan will be developed and used to keep drinking water sources clean, promote groundwater recharge, and encourage wise use of our water resources.


(Multi-barrier Approach)

The Source Protection Plans for the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region (including the Crowe Valley Source Protection Area) have been approved by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

These plans, effective on January 1, 2015, set out policies that will protect the water sources that supply the three municipal drinking water systems within our area.

The Source Protection Plan was developed over several years and is based on technical studies, collaborative policy development, and extensive public consultation. The process was guided by a Source Protection Committee made up representatives from municipalities, business, industry, First Nations, landowners, and other stakeholders.

Policies in the Source Protection Plan include a variety of approaches to manage and prevent risks to municipal drinking water. These approaches include education and outreach, the development of risk management plans, prohibitions of future instances of certain high-risk activities, land use planning, and monitoring. These policies will help to keep contaminants out of rivers, lakes, and groundwater aquifers that are sources of municipal drinking water.

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